Ecobriket Euro is a young and ambitious company uniting a team of professionals dedicated to doing the best of what they can and doing it with love. We offer wooden fuel bricks also known as Eurowood.

The advantages we offer are hard to resist. Ecobriket Euro means:

  • One of the most cost-efficient alternative fuel types with high level of heating power
  • Natural, organic and ecological raw materials carefully selected by our specialists
  • Fuel bricks are ready for use out of the pack saving your precious time
  • Eco-clean and allergy-free product
  • Fuel bricks may be used anywhere – from outdoor grills, BBQ, home fireplaces, boilers and stoves to industrial heating stations and electric power plants
  • High-tech production facilities located in envirosafe region of in the west of Ukraine right next to Ternopil
  • Fuel bricks are easy and safe to use
  • Ecobriket Euro offers you European quality at reasonable Ukrainian prices

Wooden fuel bricks is a modern alternative to natural solid biofuels such as wood, coal and peat etc. Using fuel bricks for heating is way more efficient than using traditional wood since fuel bricks have much higher heating power comparable to coal, while ash level is significantly lower than in wood. Using exceptionally natural, organic and environmentally-friendly raw materials without any admixtures makes fuel bricks completely safe for health and life of people and animals and the environment in general. The majority of European countries have long appreciated the advantages of heating wood fuel bricks: in countries with the most advanced alternative energy market fuel bricks or pellets are used in up to 70% of households. And this is not surprising since fuel bricks are convenient, inexpensive, environmentally safe and at the same time efficient fuel.

Fuel bricks may be used both in outdoor grills, BBQ, home fireplaces, boilers and stoves and industrial heating stations and electric power plants. Our company produces fuel bricks on a high-tech production line, using only pre-selected eco-friendly raw materials in the form of raw waste hardwood. Quality is our priority and this is the reason we produce only certified products that comply with national and international quality standards. We value our customers and offer each of them a personal approach, starting with a flexible pricing policy and ending with acceptable terms of production in required quantity. Ekobriket Euro – making you feel warm!