Ecobriket Euro offers wooden fuel bricks 60 mm. in diameter in the standard type of packaging:

  • In 500- and 1000-kilogram soft big bags (for industrial use).

For your convenience we are ready to use any other packaging suitable for your purposes.

Prices on our fuel bricks

Packaging Price
In 500- and 1000-kilogram soft big bags 1600 UAH for one metric ton

We are always going an extra mile for our clients offering a flexible pricing policy. We are ready to make you a price offer you will be happy with depending on the quantity of products ordered and the season of the year.

Quality characteristics of wooden fuel bricks produced by Ecobriket Euro have been tested and certified (please see the certificate here):

Characteristics Value
Humidity, Wrt, % 8,9
Ash, Ad, % 1,00
Sulphur, Std, % 0,02
Volatiles, Vd, % 82,1
Low heating power, Qir, KCal/kg 3871
Top heating power, Qsdaf, KCal/kg 4752
Density, g/c.c. 0,90

One of the key characteristics of any fuel is its heating power. Wood fuel bricks have twice the heating power of dry wood and burn two time longer.
1 kilogram of fuel bricks burns for 2-3 hours smoldering for 1-2 hours. The bricks’ heating power amounts to 4200 – 4800 KCal/kg making them comparable to one of the most heat efficient fuels in the world – hard coal with heating power of 4500 – 5300 KCal/kg. Only the charcoal has more heating value than bricks but has many other disadvantages including higher price.

Comparison of heating power of fuel bricks and other fuel types

Fuel type Heating power, KCal/kg
Wooden fuel bricks 4200-4800
Wood (hard and humid) 2450
Wood (hard and dry) 2930
Brown coal 3910
Black coal 4500-5300
Charcoal 7000-8100

According to European classification fuel bricks belong to smokeless fuel.
Once burn the bricks leave not more than 1% of ash and evolving less CO2  compared to other fuels. Less ash makes fuel bricks much more convenient to use than other fuel types.

Comparison of ash level of fuel bricks and other fuel types

Fuel type Ash, %
Wooden fuel bricks 1
Charcoal 2,5-3,5
Wood 8-15
Black coal 20
Brown coal 30-40